Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hey, it's the MINI E guy

If you can get your hands on the print edition of the USA Today, you will find an article entitled "Electric Car MINI E Brings Fun to Max For It's First Driver".

My new friend Chris Woodyard, USA Today's auto journalist, has interviewed me a couple of times with his latest article appearing in today's paper. Chris also maintains an auto blog called DriveOn which appears in the online edition of USA Today.

If you don't have access to the print edition of the paper, you can find the online article here.

While there has been a lot of interest in MINI E 111, and I get a lot of very nice comments from people I know and many I don't, I'm still trying to figure out if being a "local enviro-rock-star" (as Chris puts it) is a cool thing or not. I'll let you know after I get the MINI E t-shirt.

Miles Driven: 960
Current Radio Station: 93.1 Jack FM
Tickets: 1 parking, 0 speeding (luckily)
Parade Participation: 1 parade (4th of July)
Questions: Countless
Fun Factor: 5 stars
Biggest Problem: Wife driving too fast (just ask the neighbors)


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