Monday, August 24, 2009

MINI Space

Our friends at MINI have created a forum for interested MINI-followers to get their fill on everything MINI. The "MINI Space" website is a MINI community, but there is nothing small about this group. They've just added an article about yours truly which can be found here.

Separately, I ran into a MINI fan in the parking garage of my
office this morning. He was exiting his gorgeous Aston Martin DB9 convertible, but began raving about his MINI Cooper S. He told me that he had a collection of cars that also included a Turbo Porsche. However, his favorite "fun car" was going for a drive in his MINI. There's an ad in there somewhere.

Next blog: Chevy Volt claims 230 miles per gallon (let's not forget it's a plug-in). Is MPG still relevant?



  1. Yeh, 230 MPG. What a great headline. It's all PR peter. You should know that as much as anybody. BTW, that 230 MPG scared the Sh*t out of the OPEC guys. That was worth it, don't you think? Even if it's not true or provable. Our EPA said it and it got a reaction. It got attention. All eyes are on the Volt like it or not. As the MINI-E fades, the Volt will emerge. And we will all move on. Even the Adventure Capitalist.


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  3. I was wondering if you would take a few photos of the electronics in the suitcase under the hood. from what I understand it is designed to open as a display case. I think it would be interesting and inspirational to many.

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  5. Did you like your T'Shirts or should I say E'Shirts?


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  7. I would be looking forward to the forum where you are featured Peter. I have always loved a cooper, yet I still can't afford to have one. I'll be in Indianapolis, Kia dealers will be there to present the latest Kia models. I hope to see a mini car in Indianapolis used cars.