Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jay's Garage - Mini E

In case you are part of the 0.0001% of the population that does not own a TV, then you might not know that Jay Leno collects cars (lots of them). In fact, he is so passionate about his collection that he has started an online video log of cars he both owns and cars he admires. He is highly knowledgeable, and yet void of any arrogance about the basic operation of rare and unusual cars. His segments are a joy to watch. Here is the main link to his website:

Recently, Jay spent an entire week reviewing electric vehicles. Lucky for us, he took a close look at the Mini E including a test drive with a tire-locking slide at the end. While Jay seems to thoroughly enjoy the car and get the stage of development we're currently in, he can't help but think about how to "hop" up the car to make it faster. Here is the segment on the Mini E:

Earlier today I learned that Jay checked himself into the hospital. Jay, feel better soon!

Keep plugged in for more on the Mini E.


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