Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cable Ready!

Hurray! I am officially cable ready.

As promised, the power cable was installed to my wall charger box this morning followed by a prompt inspection by the City of Los Angeles - Department of Building and Safety. According to my "cable guy", I am the first person to be 100% installed, signed off and ready for a car on the West Coast. I'm not sure how I got to the top of the list and, more importantly, I'm not sure if it will yield me access to a MINI E any sooner, but it is ready to go.

If you look closely at the picture, you'll notice that the connector to the car looks identical to the prototype plugs shown at the auto shows and in the pictures online. Also, there is a black sticker on the charger box (top left corner) with step-by-step instructions on how to charge your MINI E.
In case you work for BMW/MINI and are reading this, I am ready to get my MINI E.
Stay tuned for more detailed photos of the charger accessories along with (hopefully) a picture of my MINI E.


  1. Congradulations Peter,
    your the first person I've heard of to actually have a charging cable with the charger box. LA sure was fast in inspecting it.
    can you tell if the cable has a UL label on it, the last I heard that was the only hold up, I'd love a picture of that label.


  2. By now you probably heard the news. You were originally one of 500 getting the MINI E. Now you are one of 150 getting a charging cable. Congrats!

    In New York we're getting the 110V cable for about a month.

    I just signed my contract today and will now wait for the installation appointment.


  3. For those of you who are not immediately getting a 240v charging cable, you have my sincerest apologies. I hope that the enjoyment of your MINI E is not diminished by the 110v cable and that this is only the temporary bump in the road (excuse the pun).

    In the mean time, I will attempt to document my unbiased impressions of the MINI E and will look forward to hearing from you as well.


  4. Hey Peter,

    My box was installed yesterday as well. It came with the same orange cable as you have. The installer told me that those are not the "official" cables but they have been told to install them anyway since they will likely be approved. When they get the "official" cable, they can just swap it out. The only other detail was that the orange cable is 20 feet and the official one with be 26 ft. Which works well for me as I can more easily flip the car around for a charge.

    I still need the inspection though but the install was smooth. About 2.5 hours including installing some conduit and drilling some wall holes.

  5. Peter - congrats on your cable. Hopefully I'll have my cable installed next week.