Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thank You CNBC

A big thank you to the producers and staff of "CNBC Reports" for inviting me to be on their show this evening. Thank you also to Dennis Kneale for an upbeat look at the MINI E. Next time Dennis, let me answer that last question on burning coal to charge EVs (stay tuned to a future blog where I talk about this - I'll try to get a Q&A with Dennis).

Here is the link to my interview on CNBC: Peter Trepp gets the first MINI E

Earlier today, BMW issued a press release about my MINI E. You can find it here on the CNBC website.



  1. I'm glad you mentioned that last, unanswered question. It was a shot below the belt. Remind me not to have Mr. Kneale interview me if I'm ever running for public office.


  2. Missed the show myself, if its online please provide the link.
    In NJ NY we have the option of purchasing our electricity from a renewable resource provider, I highly recommend everyone do this, not just those driving EV's.
    If we all did this the coal power companies would have no customers.


  3. Way to keep your cool in that interview Peter. Dennis sure didn't make it easy. I'm looking forward to your response to his last question.

    One answer that is a bit detailed but seems to make sense is in this Well to Wheel study I'd be interested to read your take on this paper.

    That's one sweet car you have there! Thanks for blogging about it.